SHUFFLE! x CardStarter Surprise Launch!

First of all, the entire team at CardStarter would like to express our gratitude for your continued support, and, as such, we have decided to reveal a surprise launch!

CardStarter is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our IDO roster, and the next IDO to launch through CardStarter:

“SHUFFLE!”, a game powered by the CardStarter team & community!

SHUFFLE! tokens are deflationary and the project will have a microcap of $182,000 at launch. There are no VC or private investor allocations and no team tokens! Only the CardStarter community will have the opportunity to contribute to SHUFFLE!’s entire raise, acting as community seed.

What is SHUFFLE!?

SHUFFLE! is a deflationary jackpot game with 100% of the proceeds providing value to the SHUFFLE! community. Players can win in a variety of ways. Prizes include more $SHFL tokens, as well as additional jackpots containing $CARDS, $GERO, $C3, and other CardStarter IDO tokens. A percentage of house proceeds are permanently burned in the SHUFFLE! Token Furnace while the remainder will replenish the winnings, build the jackpots, and keep the ecosystem operational. $SHFL will be attractive to speculators due to the deflation mechanism, as well as anyone who wants to utilize the platform!

“All of us in the CardStarter team are so excited to bring this entertaining and rewarding game to our community. We cannot wait to launch this game.” ~Aatash Amir, CardStarter CEO

Are you ready to win? Registration starts this Wednesday, June 30th! @ 9AM PST/4PM UTC

Additional information of SHUFFLE!’s fundamentals will come in the subsequent days.

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