Staking CARDS Tokens

2 min readApr 13, 2021


CardStarter employs a simple staking protocol for our community to validate their tier requirements and participate in our accelerator partners’ IDO’s. Our staking platform will go live on Tuesday, April 13th on

Follow these easy steps to stake your CARDS in preparation for a sale:

Step 1: Connect Your Ethereum Wallet

  • Connect to our Staking Platform with your web based Ethereum wallet that contains your CARDS

Step 2: Stake Your CARDS

  • Enter the number of CARDS you wish to Stake according to the tier you wish to qualify for.

Step 3: Confirm Your Staking and Tier

  • As soon as you stake your tokens, our platform will display the number of CARDS you have staked, and what tier you qualify for.

CardStarter community members can stake additional tokens, or unstake tokens at any time prior to IDO Registration if they wish to change their tier.

Adding additional CARDS after registration will not count to an increased tier for that IDO.

Watch for an upcoming article detailing how to register and participate in upcoming IDO’s once your CARDS are staked.