It’s important for the SHFL token to provide incentive and utility while the game is currently under development!

To participate in the weekly lottery, SHFL holders will merely need to stake their SHFL tokens on

The staking process requires two transactions:

  1. Approve — Complete tx on MetaMask
  2. Stake — Enter the number of SHFL you wish to stake, press stake, then approve the tx on MetaMask
After staking, the app will tell you how many tickets you are eligible for in the upcoming raffle

Every 500 SHFL staked represents one entry into the weekly lottery.

Each week until the SHUFFLE! game is finished development, holders will have a 2 day window to stake or unstake their SHFL, between Wed. 3pm UTC — Friday 3pm UTC.

Every Friday 3pm UTC, your SHFL tokens will become locked for 5 days for the following week's lottery.

Winning wallets are announced every Friday at 3pm UTC.

Please Note: Any SHFL staked during the 5 day “lock” period will also become locked, but won’t count towards the current week’s lottery window.

Grand Prize: 200 CARDS tokens

Mega Prize: 1000 Charli3 tokens

Mini Prize: 2,500 Gero tokens

Micro Prizes: 20 Prizes of 5 CARDS each

Every Wednesday at 3pm UTC, staking will become unlocked, and the new two-day staking window for next week's lottery opens. SHFL stakers can add more SHFL tokens to their staking position during this window for higher odds in the next weekly lottery. SHFL stakers can also unstake during this window. Unstaking will result in a 5% burn going into the SHUFFLE! Token Furnace, deflating the overall supply of tokens!

Participants can leave their SHFL staked throughout each period to avoid incurring the burn more than once.

Good luck to all SHUFFLE! Staking Lottery participants!