SHUFFLE! Liquidity Mining Program

SHFL Liquidity Mining @ 500% APR

How to Stake SHUFFLE! LP To Mine CARDS Rewards

Go to and click “Pool” at the top of the screen. Then click “Migrate to V2 Liquidity” and “View V2 Liquidity”

When the SHFL-LP rewards program goes live this Saturday the 24th, this article will be amended with the destination link and guide to staking your SHFL LP tokens to become eligible for these rewards!

We wanted to share this article before the next lock date for the SHUFFLE! Staking Lottery so our community can make calculated decisions regarding their preferred strategy with their SHFL tokens.

Important Note

Because the rewards for providing SHUFFLE! LP are quite immense, staking your SHFL LP tokens requires a 5% fee, in which 5% of the staked LP tokens will become permanently locked SHUFFLE! liquidity.



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