Roadmap: A New Horizon

4 min readApr 4, 2021


(Updated 5.21.2020)

CardStarter is a unique and dynamic launchpad, connecting projects to early investors and a network of key partners. The CARDS platform is based upon three pillars unique to the CardStarter Accelerator Program (CAP):

  1. We provide full analysis, validation, auditing, and assistance with a potential project’s marketing, roadmap, product quality, graphical, and launch strategy. We also provide access to our well curated network of partners, projects, people, and strategies to ensure long term success
  2. We provide access to professional proprietary code audits performed through our in-house security experts, and protected by the CARDS Insurance Program
  3. Initial product exposure and community bootstrapping, providing a launchpad for innovative projects to engage with our large and diverse audience


There are many successful projects built on Ethereum, but as we have seen time and again the ERC20 network is frequently overburdened resulting in astronomical gas fees. Developers and crypto enthusiasts alike are turning their attention to Cardano as proven protocols and new projects look to make it their home.

As Cardano’s Mainnet is not live at this time, developers are facing a roadblock in raising funds for projects; this is where CARDS’ Pre-Deployment Token (PDT) financing advances the space. Projects accepted into the CardStarter Accelerator Program can take advantage of PDT financing. PDT funds raised will be judiciously allocated to ensure healthy project development. Notably, the allocation for liquidity will remain locked until successful migration and launch on the Cardano Network. Additionally, developers may choose to launch on ERC20 before migrating — this requires no usage of PDT.

Phase One: Red Carpet

Launched on March 29th, CardStarter is the first Incubator, AMM (Automated Market Maker), Launchpad, and Insurance protocol for the Cardano Network. The CARDS team is currently vetting multiple projects to accelerate and prepare them for Mainnet. These projects will be some of the first movers to integrate with Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.

Looking ahead, CardStarter will be an all-inclusive platform with the following three milestones set for Phase One:

  • First Suite of IDOs

In-depth press releases outlining our affiliations and integrations with partner projects

Project progress reports highlighting the benefits of using the CARDS network and accelerator program

Tokenomics and fundraising information unique to each project

  • Cards Hackathon

Dev teams will compete to demonstrate how and why their project(s) will benefit the ADA platform relative to alternative blockchains

Successful candidates gain admission into the CardStarter Accelerator Program, with full access to our host of official sponsors, VC partners and resources

  • Alpha 2.0 Launch

After the first tranche of IDOs and our Hackathon event, our 2.0 platform will be released, along with an updated interface

With improved interaction and UX between the community and the staking platform, 2.0 will keep users up to date with upcoming launches and project information

Phase Two: The Great Migration

With Cardano’s Mainnet live, CardStarter will proceed with a complete project migration and liquidity transfer. During this phase, ERC20 CARDS holders will be airdropped 1:1 for the official Mainnet token. We expect this transition to be quite seamless, with no action required by our users.

  • Mainnet Launch

CardStarter liquidity and platform migration to Cardano’s Mainnet will allow for synergy between previous and future IDO projects

At this major milestone, a significant expansion will be necessary for the team, therefore 25% of team development tokens will be unlocked and linearly unvested in conjunction with the expected surge in volume during migration.

CARDS will be able to utilize the more affordable and efficient node operation fees on the ADA blockchain

  • Incubator Project Migration

Coordinating with each of our ETH-based incubator projects to ensure a smooth blockchain transfer. Additionally, CardStarter will provide the necessary resources needed to facilitate the move.

Incubator projects pending direct-launch will be transferred custody of locked liquidity in preparation for TGE. Transfer of ownership takes place through our platform in a single transparent transaction.

Phase Three: Mainnet

Upon successful migration to the Cardano blockchain, CardStarter will enter Phase Three of development. This phase introduces our decentralized trading platform and AMM, CardSwap. As initial liquidity for projects will be raised through CardStarter, our IDO’s will truly represent an Initial DEX Offering. Employing our unique infrastructure, projects will have access to incubation, acceleration, fundraising, and live trading all on one platform.

  • CardSwap - Q3 (to coincide with Cardano Mainnet launch)

Default Listing of All Previous CardStarter Projects with Automated Token Migration Through The CARDS Bridge

Modularized DeFi Blocks Plug Into The CARDS Ecosystem

Liquidity Migration of Launchpad Projects Directly to CardSwap (At this milestone, an additional 25% of team development tokens will be unlocked an linearly unvested. An additional 25% will be unlocked at $1bn TVL, along with the 50 IDO mark).

Rapid Listing of New Cardano Ecosystem Tokens

Non-Custodial Wallets

Derivatives Platform