RECAP: CardStarter AMA with DTSCapital, 2021–4–17

I’d like to welcome everybody tuned in for this AMA on CardStarter, thank you for joining us. Also, a very warm welcome for Shuffle, who will be answering all the question on CARDS!

Shuffle | |
Hey guys, thanks for having me! I don’t often (at all) accept AMA requests, but this community is one of our favourites

Haha, glad to hear that — I already feel special, like Elon Musk!
So, let’s warm it up with some basic questions, especially for the people that don’t really know what CardStarter is all about.
So, what is CardStarter exactly, in a nutshell, and what made you guys develop in this given time period (and not years ago, or maybe even years later)

Shuffle | |
CardStarter is the first insured accelerator and launchpad for the Cardano Ecosystem. The reason we have decided to bring CardStarter to market is due to the Alonzo hard-fork hiding right around the corner. We’re of the belief that in a few short months, DeFI will migrate to ADA, and the next phase of revolutionary protocols will begin!

I see. Yea, it comes without a fact that ADA is gaining a lot of traction again.
CardStarter has a few key pillars, but what would you say that is the main key value proposition for CARDS

Shuffle | |
The current proposition comes in the form of a functioning launchpad and accelerator. Not many people know this, but we’re booked up with some seriously amazing projects all the way until July. At scale, we look to be hosting 2 IDOs per week.

The second major value proposition is in the form of our CARDS token.
This token is a utility, and valued not only through spot price, but through quantifiable means. Holding CARDS provides access to ALL of the projects launching through our platform. Additionally, CardStarter boasts a feature that no other launchpad provides: Insurance.
Our users are protected from projects who intend to “rug” or hurt their own project by any malicious definition. We also protect against code exploits, and team negligence. For this reason, our projects have been vetted heavily by our team of experts.

Those are some heavy hitters in terms of propositions haha. Very cool! To follow that up on that unique feature, the Insurance aspect.
In simple terms, how are CARDS holders “insured” when a project exit scams or “rugs”. How would that play out if briefly described?

Shuffle | |
Effectively, every project launching through our platform pays a % of their raised funds to our insurance pool. This pool grows over time and after only a small number of raises, will cover 100% of users associated with the event. Here’s a graphical example:

After said event has taken place, our team reviews the occurrence - and if qualified for coverage, our pool funds are issued to users affected. Of course, there are details and caveats to this policy that have been put in place for the protection of our users (as many know, insurance policies are at risk of being gamified and abused) We have a dedicated article which goes into depth on our policy — this should be released before Charli3 is live!

Very Interesting! I think you are the first “launchpad” offering such a feature indeed.

Shuffle | |
Yes, oftentimes the launchpads will pocket that fee instead. We very much aim to align with the ethos of Cardano: for the people, by the people.

Staying true with the Cardano vision
So when it comes to partnerships (and we already know you announced a fair share of partnerships already).
Is there any partnership or collaboration that you feel could really boost the overall value and longevity of CardStarter in the long run?

Shuffle | |
Yes, absolutely, a couple of them are to be announced in the next couple days! Ultimately, we are looking for established partners who can provide a true value-add to our ecosystem (and the greater ecosystem) at large. We have managed to garner the support of those whom we have a great deal of respect for — both within the communities, and on a corporate level! Unfortunately, I can’t share any names… yet

Leaving us with the breadcrumbs I see. Well nothing we can do about that, time will tell haha.

Shuffle | |
I promise you will be as excited as we are!


@YonChavarria , via Telegram
I want to support your project, tell us about the ambassador program and in what ways we can participate?

Shuffle | |
Great question. The Ambassador program has been built as a way of upgrading the typical “moderator” role. Our ambassadors provide warm welcomes to those joining our channel and direct our users to the
right places (while also maintaining good conversation!) We’re always looking for new members — you can feel free to DM Bdo in the channel

@KeeferH, via Telegram
What went into the decision to have a community / public focused initial release? And what does this
mean for future projects?

Shuffle | |
Great question! We chose this path as it falls in line with Cardano's philosophy (and Crypto, in general).
VCs are great resources, but we found it was better to have them as Accelerator Partners — this provides the opportunity for synergy, as opposed to handing over a large % of the supply. Our community comes first, always. We know of other projects whom consider VC funding as the first line of action. Fortunately, such platforms are made into examples for all developers/creators to see — as an example of what not to do.
Our community is the strongest piece of the CardStarter puzzle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

@zzcuna, via Telegram
Staking seem to be popular right now on many blockchain project. Can you please explain the detail about $CardStarter staking plan and the benefits of adding “staking”?

Shuffle | |
Staking is currently limited to $CARDS earning a Tier position. This is not going to be the only way to stake, however! We will be introducing our Liquidity Incentives this week (And no, it’s not “stake CARDS to get more CARDS”...that’s just silly)
Our new LP incentives is very exciting, and I’m sure most of the community will be staked up by the end of the month!

@domzhu, via Telegram
In Occam’s gitbook FAQ, their response to their section on the differences between Occam and CardStarter is incredibly vague and indirect. They simply state to DYOR, and upon doing so, there are no blatant differences except for the fact that Cards is truly the first launchpad for ADA. Are there any significant differences between Occam and Cards or is the only difference that Cards is pro-community, a key factor of success for any project

Shuffle | |
Fantastic question! There are indeed. As far as I can tell, Occam has no real intention of migrating to Cardano. They appear to simply plan a bridge on the exchange. Of course, I don’t know what they’re up to internally, but that’s what I’ve been told. Additionally, they do not provide insurance to users — this is something we found to be a necessity, not a luxury. The crypto space needs legitimizing and allowing your users to face the potential scams in the market without protection is simply irresponsible.

@kintrzis, via telegram
Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the $CARDS token on leading exchanges?

Shuffle | |
We have been in talks with several CEX’s that are interested in listing $CARDS.

What difficulties have you encountered during your development process? How many products have been built on your platform? Can you share some highlights from them?

Shuffle | |
Good question. We have projects lined up until July. Some of these projects are already known on the market and will be running an IDO through us. We are extremely excited about the quality of applications, and especially of those who successfully achieved acceleration status :)

@ccuuccuu , via Telegram
What was the reasoning for Cards to favor the community and allow a fair low cap distribution model which allowed the average investor to get in, rather than allowing VC’s to have a monopoly on the token supply like Occam’s model? Is this due to the fact that card’s philosophy matches that of ADA’s? What are your thoughts on Occam disregarding ADA’s philosophy?

Shuffle | |
This is a great question, as well. We believe that the community always comes first. When our channels first opened, I made sure you explicitly state that we would not be accepting any VC investments. Our whitelist was ~220 community members, and we implemented a unique anti-bot measure on launch — to make sure all interested users could enter at a reasonable price. A project is only as strong as its community.

We also have a few questions that got posted on our Twitter account @DTSCapital. I will pick a few questions from there as well, and you once again can do all the answering

Shuffle | |
Awesome, lets do it!

@osarunga , via Twitter
In order to keep attracting investors/holders to the platform, you will need to succeed in every project. How do you select the projects you plan to launch? Is there a specific characteristic you look for? Which area of development do you go for?

Shuffle | |
This is generally quite a subjective question, as what qualifies a project as “good” can be different for everybody. Generally speaking, at CardStarter we are focused on products/projects that present an obvious or necessary utility to the space. As ADA goes live, all the basic foundations of DeFi will need to exists on-chain. Consider it: The next wave of Bluechips

@simonaleman , via Twitter
As we all know, our beloved bull market will flip bearish at some point. From the investors perspective it would be interesting to know whether you have already worked out measures to limit the depreciation of $CARDS price during the bear market

Shuffle | |
Yes, we have had many discussions on this topic (even today, actually)
Two things happen in a bear market:

1. People liquidate assets
2. The best projects are developed.

During the last “crypto winter”, most of today’s beloved projects were being created. During similar times, an incubation and acceleration platform will be necessary. What I’m suggesting is that CardStarter will maintain its utility value no matter where in the bear/bull cycle we are.

@theConscious1, via Twitter
What would the Big Picture of CardStarter’s role in Cardano’s ecosystem look like if described in regard to onboarding non-crypto people for successful mass adoption?

Shuffle | |
That’s exactly what we aim to do. Interestingly enough, our launch (and most of our current community) was new to DeFi (think: uniswap/metamask/staking etc.)
This, to us, is a great sign. It is indicative of adoption.
There is an absolutely massive Cardano community out there that has not heard about DeFi yet, or fully comprehend its magnitude. That same community will have CardStarter as the first line of support for when it comes to gaining entry into all of the new and exciting projects launching on ADA!
Additionally, we continue to communicate with the Cardano Foundation, and as Mainnet nears, we will host public interviews and conversations with key players in the space :)

@kokoamin , via Twitter
What do you see as your biggest opportunities and your biggest challenges to success in the next 2 years?

Shuffle | |
Of course, our biggest opportunity is the chance to become the go-to for Cardano/Plutus developers. By providing a platform, and being as community-centric as we have, I believe we’re right on target.

Challenges will always be a thing, in crypto. Every day it’s a new one, and I’m lucky enough to have an extremely talented and highly intelligent group of individuals on my team.

@Clickertz , via Twitter
With Cardano already touted as a flexible, dynamic and easy to integrate project onto.
What do you believe are fundamental advantages to launching via CARDs when some of the key features of your accelerator are already in place via Cardano?

Shuffle | |
There is a similar feature that is run by Cardano called Project Catalyst. We think it’s a wonderful place to gain support (and raise awareness) for projects, however, with such a decentralized forum, there is always the risk of crossing bad actors. In this sense, I mean people who are looking to poach ideas from
Additionally, users are generally only able to support the project in gaining a grant — this doesn’t offer an opportunity to actually include users. Through our model, community members will actually own a stake in the project they support. And, as early adopters, will reap the benefits that come with being early!

Thank you for answering all of them Shuffle. To end this AMA with a big bang. I will follow it up with 1 more question and that will be the end of it!

The latest and hottest announcement for you guys has been the Charli3 announcement.
This will be CardStarter’s first IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Why have Charli3 as your first IDO and what is Charli3 in a nutshell. Are there perhaps a few golden breadcrumbs that you can spill?

Shuffle | |
Awesome! Yes, Charli3 is the first IDO and incubated project launching from CardStarter. I can provide a couple fun facts:

1. Accelerator partners are absolutely ecstatic about charli3.
2. Seed sold out in minutes.
3. Charli3 marketing has yet to begin.
4. Charli3 will likely partner with CardStarter, and be integrated as the most popular oracle choice for
our incubated/accelerated projects.
5. Charli3 has already formed multiple unannounced partnerships with big names.
6. Registration for Charli3 begins in 6 days

Wow, ok. That’s quite a bit. So, in 6 days everybody can become financially free. You heard it here first, live on Telegram.
Haha, but thanks for those little nuggets. Impressive to say the least that you filled the seed round within minutes. I know a lot of people are waiting for the first IDO on CardStarter!

Shuffle | |
Thank you for having me, guys! And stay tuned to our announcement channel, as there is a lot more coming.

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