Public Service Announcement: Presale Token Update

1 min readSep 12, 2021
CardStarter Presale Unlock Update

Dear CardStarter Community,

On June 11th, we offered our presale investors the option to delay the release of their vested tokens until Cardano’s mainnet launch or receive ALL their tokens with a 50% burn penalty. This resulted in 369253.424 tokens (40%) permanently removed from circulation and 92313.356(10%) tokens redistributed proportionally to anyone who staked CARDS on the CardStarter platform as a one-time reward.

Cardano’s upcoming smart contracts upgrade for mainnet will be occurring shortly! (September 12th @ 21:44:51 UTC) We have now locked in the dates of vested CARDS tokens to our presale users, as promised. Round 1 and Round 2 users who opted for the adjusted schedule will receive ALL their tokens in a SINGLE release. The Matrixswap IDO unlock will happen on September 18th @ 8am PST/3pm UTC. The R1/R2 bulk unlock will occur randomly within the 24 hour period following.

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