Providing KYC For CardStarter IDOs

CardStarter, the world’s first Cardano Incubator and the only Insured Project Launchpad is pleased to announce that we will integrate Fractal’s user-centric Know Your Customer (KYC) platform. By partnering with Fractal, CARDS holders participants will only need to KYC once to partipate in all future CardStarter IDOs.

How To Provide KYC

Fractal has generated links specifically for the CardStarter community to provide KYC. These links will be provided on our application during a project’s registration window, but community members can now get a head start on their KYC using the links below:

For NON US Participants

Here is the KYC link for all CardStarter IDO participants who reside OUTSIDE of the United States.

For Accredited US Investors

Here is the KYC link for all CardStarter IDO participants who reside WITHIN the United States, AND meet accredited investor criteria.

Please do not use this link if you reside outside of the United States, or are not an accredited investor. Please refer to the SEC guidelines to determine your eligibility.

Thank You For Your Participation!

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