Plethori To Build ETFs For Projects Launched Through CardStarter

3 min readApr 8, 2021
CardStarter to Collaborate with Plethori on Building an ETF with Projects Launched on the CARDS Platform

We are proud to announce that CardStarter, the world’s first Incubator, Launchpad and Insurance program for Cardano projects, will work with Plethori, a cross-chain Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) trading platform, building a portfolio of projects from the CardStarter Accelerator Program (CAP). Through this alliance, CardStarter funnels invaluable market research on top tier projects from the Cardano system, and Plethori will create the “CardStarter ETF.”

The CardStarter ETF will be the world’s first launchpad based product. CardStarter will collaborate through identifying the top projects that have been accepted into the prestigious CardStarter Accelerator Program (CAP). Borrowed from the world of traditional finance, an ETF is a security that tracks an index, a commodity, or a basket of assets. Here, a crypto ETF is a portfolio that tracks a basket of cryptocurrency tokens. The CardStarter ETF will leverage the Plethori Protocol to enable investors to earn a percentage of the transaction fees for every trade, and earn rare NFTs that impart perks within the platform.

ETFs provide several advantages to both the trader and investor. As a managed asset, the effects of volatility will be dampened, hence reducing the impact on the investor. A well-known challenge in this field is the safe storage of cryptocurrencies. Through an ETF, the investor will not have to be concerned about the security of their assets. As ETFs are regularly managed, they are also a valuable product for many investors who do not wish to manage their own investment portfolios. Importantly, ETFs may include more complex products such as crypto futures and options, which would normally require significant market experience to properly manage.

This alliance of two emerging platforms will be mutually beneficial. First, projects held in the dedicated CardStarter ETF will have CARDS tokens locked in Plethori’s vault, essentially taking them out of circulation for trading and increasing scarcity. This will have a significant impact on the value of the project. Another aspect of this collaboration that cannot be overstated is the impact of the combined marketing. Both projects have garnered large followings across all the social media platforms. In future, cross-marketing promotions of CAP projects to be listed on the CardStarter ETF will markedly increase the investor base. Not to mention, the increased attention will produce the secondary effect of increasing the community size of both partners.

About CardStarter

CardStarter is the first Incubator, Launchpad and Insurance program for projects being built on the Cardano network. The CARDS platform is a unique and dynamic launchpad, connecting projects to early investors and a network of key partners. The Cards Accelerator Program (CAP) team works with each project individually to establish effective fundamentals and map marketing strategies, establishing the foundation for long term success.

CardStarter is also differentiated by its charge to protect its supporters. CARDS provides unbiased third-party audits of every project’s code and protects IDO participants’ investments with an in-house insurance program. CardStarter is proudly partnered with X21 Digital, BlockSync Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, Scryptic Tech and Longtail Financial. Once fully built, CardStarter will be an all-inclusive platform with a decentralized exchange to complement the current offerings. CardStarter also aims to be a nurturing force in the Cardano ecosystem, with hackathons and project development support being a major focus of the roadmap.

About Plethori

Plethori is a decentralized cross-chain ETF Investment Platform that allows trading and creation of trustless ETFs by utilizing blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions.

The Plethori platform connects the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems empowering traders with a wide range of ETF tokens to invest in and trade. Plethori leverages the technology of both blockchains to open new avenues for investment strategies. Through Plethori’s whiteglove service, investors can create fully decentralized ETFs that can be traded while earning a share of the profits from transaction fees. The leaderboard system will reward top performing fund creators with NFTs which provide perks on the platform and partner project platforms (such as early access to releases and higher staking APY).