Participating In CardStarter IDO’s

CardStarter employs a simple stake, register, and purchase protocol for our community to validate their tier requirements and participate in our accelerator partners’ IDO’s. Follow these 3 easy steps to participate in a sale:

Step 1: Stake

CardStarter community members can stake and unstake their CARDS tokens at any time leading up to an IDO. Read our article detailing the steps required to stake your CARDS.

Step 2: IDO Registration

Prior to an IDO, we will announce a 48 hour window for eligible CARDS stakers to register for participation. Registration will open on our application during that window. At the end of the registration window, the allocation for each tier will be calculated based on the number of participants that have registered.

At the time of registration, your CARDS tokens will become locked until 7 days following the completion of the purchase window. CardStarter has opted for a proprietary post sale token lock to provide CARDS holders ample time to participate in IDO’s.

If a project requires KYC, and you have yet to provide KYC to CardStarter, it will be requested from you at this time. One time KYC functionality is provided by Fractal.

Step 3: Purchase During the IDO Event

A 12 hour sale window will open 24 hours after the close of the registration window. Registered sale participants must complete their purchase during this time. For some projects, tokens will be deployed immediately following purchase. For other projects however, you may need to claim your tokens following liquidity deployment. This will be on a per project basis and you’ll be notified of the process for each sale. For Charli3, your tokens will be immediately deployed, and will be available for trading once liquidity is deployed on Uniswap.

Unclaimed Allocations

Any unclaimed allocations will be made available in a first come, first serve round immediately after the closure of the purchase window. If the project requires KYC, only those who have completed KYC will be able to participate in this round. If the project doesn’t require KYC, this round will be available to everyone.



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