LP Migration Update

Update for the CardStarter community members with CARDS/C3/GERO-ETH LP locked for migration to Cardano

For those who have committed to migrating their CARDS/C3/GERO LP from ETH to ADA on migrate.cardstarter.io , we are opening a window to map your destination ADA wallet address. We have received a significant number of requests from community members to change their destination wallet address to receive their ADA LP pairs.

We want to provide ample time for our community to ensure that their LP is sent to the correct destination, as many community members have either input an incorrect wallet address, had a wallet compromised, or simply want to change where they receive their LP.

Timeframe for Wallet Mapping

The window to input a new address into the mapping contract is open immediately and will remain open until February 4th @ 12pm PT/8pm UTC.

Once the wallet mapping window closes, CardStarter will coordinate with MLabs to convert the ETH from your LP pairs into ADA, and establish a bulk distribution date for all LP migrators.

The distribution dates for CARDS/C3/GERO LP to ADA may differ as each project may utilize different functions of distribution.

How to Map a New Cardano Wallet Address

For community members who have deposited CARDS/ETH/GERO into migrate.cardstarter.io and see their proper destination wallet address, there is no need to utilize the mapping contract.

For community members who input the wrong address, or would like to update their address you can do so with the steps below:

1.Follow the link below:

2. Connect Metamask Wallet

Please Note: Double-check to make sure that the ETH address that you connect to this contract is the same one which you used to deposit your CARDS/C3/GERO LP. If you use this mapping contract with an ETH address that hasn’t deposited LP it will not be effective in updating your destination ADA wallet address.

3. Map Wallet

Click Map Address, Paste Address, Write, Confirm Tx

Stay tuned to CardStarter’s announcements on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram to learn when you can expect to receive your LP on the Cardano Network!

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