Important Update For Our Liquidity Providers

CardStater CSWAP Liquidity update

We appreciate the value and trust you’ve placed in the CardStarter ecosystem. CSWAP miners have been integral to the success of CardStarter and our incubated projects. As the landscape evolves we want to ensure that our loyal CSWAP community maintains the most value for their contribution and effort, and avoid dilution of the CSWAP pool.

We’d like to provide a 3 day notice to the next phase of pre-mainnet CSWAP LP mining rewards. The existing reward structure will conclude on Monday July 19th @ 3pm UTC, and will proceed to the following:

Given that CSWAP will not launch on ADA mainnet, the original implied value of $0.01 may fluctuate with market demand.

Based on the current market value of CSWAP, the pre-mainnet APR for CARDS-ETH LP, mining will equate to 67% APR (equivalent to 10% APR at the original implied CSWAP value)

Based on the new current implied value of CSWAP, the pre-mainnet APR for GERO-ETH and C3-ETH LP, mining will equate to 33% APR (equivalent to 5% APR at the previous implied CSWAP value)

CSWAP mining will be capped at 300 million tokens.

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