How to Participate in World Mobile Token IDO

World Mobile x CardStarter IDO

The registration window will be open for 48 hours, from Monday August 9th @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC to August 11th @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC

IDO for 2.5mn WMT vouchers @ 0.20/voucher which will be exchanged for WMT native tokens in the future on the mainnet. This will be done through our token bridge which will lock the vouchers on the ETH side and unlock the mainnet tokens on the Cardano side. Trading or transfer of the vouchers itself shall be locked until the trading of WMT itself is available. Once the tokens are traded either on a DEX or CEX, the vouchers shall be available for transfers/trade as well.

Step 1 — Staking

To register for World Mobile, you must have a tier qualifying number of CARDS staked.

  • Please read our most recent tiers article to learn about tier requirements
  • Please read our staking guide to learn how to stake your CARDS if you have yet to complete this process.

Step 2 — KYC

World Mobile requires KYC. If you haven’t provided KYC through our partner Fractal yet, please do so now.

The World Mobile IDO has a limited list of countries that can participate in their IDO. Please view the list of countries to determine your eligibility for participation HERE. If you register but do not reside in one of these countries you will not be whitelisted.

In addition, if you provided KYC to Fractal but it didn’t request your wallet address, please log back in through the following links to link your wallet address to your KYC.

NOTE: Your KYC must be completed and verified by the end of World Mobile registration window. If your KYC is not verified by August 11th, 4pm UTC we can’t guarantee you’ll be whitelisted.

KYC For Unrestricted Countries

Step 3 — Register

Head over to to register!

Click on the World Mobile box (below where it says IDO Status) to open the registration window.

Once in the registration window, check the terms & conditions to participate then click “Register”. This will open up your connected wallet to complete the transaction. Please confirm the transaction, and give it a few minutes to go through.

Click Register On The Right To Register

For Wild Card Participants (100–1499 CARDS Staked)
Select your odds of participation if you are in the wild card tier before clicking register. Your pool weight will range from 0.1x to 1.5x at 100% odds of participation.

You can opt for up to a 1.5x pool weight with any number of CARDS in the Wild Card bracket, but you will be taking the chance of lower odds of participation the higher you push your pool weight. Good luck!

Confirm the transaction

Once the transaction is confirmed, the button will say “Registered”, and your CARDS tokens will now be locked until 7 days after the end of World Mobile IDO.

Step 4 — Purchase During IDO Event

After registration ends on August 11th, 3pm UTC, there will be a 48 hour whitelist finalization window.

World Mobile IDO Event will begin on Friday, August 13th, 3pm UTC and last for 24 hours.

If you staked, registered, and KYC’d properly your address will be whitelisted and you can complete your purchase during this time!

Thanks For Your Participation!

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