How to Claim Your Vested Lockness ($LKN) Tokens

Lockness will be listing on PancakeSwap at 8:00 AM UTC on January 18th.

Once TGE has occurred, CardStarter users will have the option of claiming their vested tokens.

In order to claim your vested Lockness tokens, you will first need to navigate to before connecting your Metamask wallet.

Landing Page

Once connected to the Lockness portal, click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button.

Connect your wallet

Next, select the ‘Connect to your Metamask Wallet’ option. If your Metamask isn’t already set to the BSC network, you will see a popup message prompting you to switch networks. Click the blue ‘Switch Network’ button to proceed.

View and claim your allocation

Once you’ve connected your Metamask wallet to the Lockness portal, you will see an option to claim your Lockness tokens.

Note: Users will be able to navigate to this portal to claim their vested tokens beginning with the release of the first vested tranche on Thursday, February 17th.

Transaction History

Once you have claimed your Lockness tokens, you can click into the ‘Transaction History’ tab. Here you will be able to see a record of the tokens you have claimed through the Lockness portal.




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