How to Bridge World Mobile Token Voucher to Cardano

We are glad to announce that you will be able to bridge your WMT tokens to Cardano. As the PAB for Cardano is not yet ready for a full bridge implementation, we will be manually airdropping the WMT tokens to your Cardano wallets. To map your Cardano wallet, please follow the below steps.

User instructions for bridging WMT to Cardano

2. Click Connect to Web3 making sure the wallet connected is the wallet your WMT placeholders/vouchers in it.
3. Click 1.mapAddress, enter your Cardano wallet address where you wish to receive your WMT tokens on Cardano.
4. WMT tokens will be airdropped to the address that you map.

Please ensure you can receive Cardano native tokens on this wallet.

Warning: You can only do this mapAddress process once. So, please make sure that you are mapping the correct wallet.



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