ETH to ADA Migration

2 min readApr 29, 2022

Bridge Update

We’re happy to share that the Ethereum to Cardano migration (bridging) will begin 5:00 PM UTC (10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET) on Saturday April 30th.

Bridging will be available for users to transfer ERC20 CARDS, GERO, and C3 to their respective CNT.

Last week, before launch, MLabs has issued the CardStarter team the following statement:

“Our team at MLabs have been working hard to bring the bridge to a production-ready state, While testing some of our recent changes for performance, we’ve identified potential vulnerabilities which need to be addressed in order to responsibly handle funds with the CardStarter bridge. We’ll need more time for testing and to conduct a security review. MLabs further (strongly) recommends a third-party audit of the code. On recovering from a bridge shutdown checking the BPI for a cardano tx hash, events come through in the wrong order, and it closes the connection before getting the right data. This seems to also lock up the database such that status requests fail.”

Based on this new information from MLabs, CardStarter has taken initiative and explored an alternative bridge solution through our friends at Iagon, Nomad, and Milkomeda (along with support from Charli3 and Gero, of course!). After spending a wealth of time together, tokens have been minted, logos added to GUI, configurations set, and tests completed.

An in-depth instructional will be released tomorrow, with details on the exact bridging process

LP Update

C3/ADA and GERO/ADA Sundae LP tokens will be available through DripDropz. LP will be migrated approximately an hour before bridging is available from Ethereum on Saturday April 30th. An in-depth instructional will be released beforehand, in order to ensure all individuals have a step-by-step process to follow.