CardStarter Tiers — V6

Revised Participation Requirements for CardStarter IDOs

2 min readSep 22, 2021

Soon CARDS holders can upgrade their allocation size incrementally, without restrictive gaps between tiers!

What’s New Moving Forward?

***Please Note: These changes will come into effect AFTER the Ridotto IDO. The tier structure in effect for Ridotto’s IDO can be found HERE.***

With the final release of the remaining Round 1 and Round 2 CARDS presale tokens, CardStarter is in an optimal position for the first major overhaul of our participation structure. The future stability of our circulating supply has enabled us to develop a simplified and incentivizing participation system.

We are retiring the current tier-based model, and migrating to a fully linear participation model. This will allow CARDS stakers to incrementally upgrade their position and allocations, as opposed to a restrictive gap between tiers.

The linear bracket will begin at a minimum threshold of 500 CARDS tokens at a 1X pool weight, up to a maximum participation amount of 40,000 CARDS tokens at an 80X pool weight. All participants will be guaranteed an allocation directly proportionate to the number of CARDS they have staked within this bracket.

We are currently developing an incentive model for our top community members, equivalent to the current Ace of Clubs tier. We ask our top holders to stay tuned for further details.

What Was Considered?

CardStarter’s tier requirements for participating in the IDOs have continuously evolved throughout the lifespan of the launchpad.

We’ve received regular feedback from community members that the lower end of the Wild Cards bracket does not provide a feasible risk to reward ratio for participation given the current gas fees on Ethereum. To further validate this feedback, we regularly see the highest turnover rate of community members from within this spectrum of the tiers.

We seriously deliberate and run extensive economic modeling when redesigning our participation requirements. We take into account numerous variables such as community size, IDO pool sizes, circulating supply of CARDS, but most importantly the economic viability of allocation sizes within the participation model.

CardStarter would like to thank our community for your continued support as our platform and community grow, and as we head towards our final migration over to the Cardano Network.

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