CardStarter Tiers Reshuffled — V5

CardStarter Revised CARDS Requirements for Increased Inclusivity and Incentive for participating in IDOs

Our strategy here at CardStarter has always been to establish our tier requirements as defined by 3 goals:

  1. accessibility,
  2. incentives for holding CARDS,
  3. and the long term health of CardStarter.

As always, we analyzed the distribution of CARDS holder wallets, and took several variables into consideration. This includes vesting schedules, project raise goals, CARDS circulating supply, community and allocation ratio, and CardStarter’s roadmap.

What’s New?

We have added two new Face Cards tiers to incentivize long term CARDS holders:

Jack of Clubs Tier: The Jack of Clubs (JoC) Tier has been a long requested addition to our tier structure, allowing the largest segment of our community to increase their allocation size with an intermediate tier between Jacks and Queens. JoC are required to stake 3k CARDS tokens and receive a 4x pool weight.

Ace of Clubs Tier: The Ace of Clubs (AoC) Tier is an opportunity for our largest individual holders to contribute more to a project without affecting the allocations of all IDO participants. The minimum requirement to be an AoC is 25k CARDS staked, with no upper limit. AoC’s have a 28x pool weight from the main IDO pool, + access to an additional allocation from the seed or private rounds of projects when available. The number of CARDS tokens an Ace of Clubs stakes over 25k is used to manually calculate their individual access to Seed/Private allocation.

The New Face CARDS Tiers

What’s Unchanged?

The Wild Card Bracket remains unchanged. It ranges from 100 CARDS to 1499 CARDS tokens, with a linear pool score that increases with every CARDS token added within this range. We understand that some people would prefer to trade off allocation size for a guaranteed spot, and now the control is in your hands. You can choose to go for smaller allocation with a guarantee, or lower probability of a higher allocation!

New Wild Cards Controllable Odds/Allocation System

These new tiers are IN EFFECT for the Spores IDO! Reminder that if you wish you upgrade your tier, you need to stake the additional required CARDS tokens BEFORE executing the registration step.

**The UI on our website may not immediately reflect the new tiers, but rest assured that if you meet the token requirements for the added tiers, you will receive the appropriate allocation.

Thanks again for all of your continued support!



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