CardStarter Tiers Reshuffled — V4

2 min readMay 29, 2021

CardStarter Revised CARDS Requirements for Increased Inclusivity and Incentive for participating in IDOs

Our strategy here at CardStarter has always been to establish our tier requirements as defined by 3 goals:

  1. accessibility,
  2. incentives for holding CARDS,
  3. and the long term health of CardStarter.

As always, we analyzed the distribution of CARDS holder wallets, and took several variables into consideration. Including vesting schedules, project raise goals, allocation sizes, and CardStarter’s roadmap.

The Revised Tiers

To increase accessibility to IDOs, we replaced the Wild Card tiers with a new Wild Card Bracket! The Wildcard Bracket contains a dual slider mechanism where CARDS community members are able to control the odds of participating in proportion to their allocation size.

The Wild Card Bracket ranges from 100 CARDS to 1499 CARDS tokens, with a linear pool score that increases with every CARDS token added within this range. We understand that some people would prefer to trade off allocation size for a guaranteed spot, and now the control is in your hands. You can choose to go for smaller allocation with a guarantee, or lower probability of a higher allocation!

New Wild Cards Controllable Odds/Allocation System

Long term CardStarter supporters are incredibly important to us, and the Face Card Tiers remain untampered. The new Wild Card bracket doesn’t dilute the pool, rather it redistributes the lower end among more people. It was important to us that Face Cards allocations weren’t affected by this new change.

Guaranteed Allocation Face Cards Tiers

We spent a lot of time deliberating and modeling the economics of these tiers, and are thrilled with how they work in various scenarios.

These new tiers will go into effect AFTER the Alpha Impact IDO. Stay tuned for an exact date.

Thanks again for all of your support, as CardStarter is nothing without its amazing community!