CardStarter Tier Restructuring

Following CardStarter’s astronomical public listing, our initial tier requirements for participating in upcoming IDOs quickly became out of reach for the average community member.

To benefit our supporters, CardStarter has completely reworked our tier structure with 3 goals in mind: accessibility, incentives for holding CARDS, and the long term health of CardStarter.

We analyzed the distribution of CARDS holder wallets, and took several variables into consideration including vesting schedules, projected fundraising goals of future launch projects, and growth of the CardStarter ecosystem.

What Are The New Tier Requirements?

Staking Requirements and Benefits

CARDS holders can also benefit from the CardStarter Insurance Program by keeping their CARDS staked following the completion of the sale. Details of the insurance program will be published in a subsequent article.

How Is Your Allocation Determined?

For a further explanation and example pool weight scenario, please refer to our original Tiers and Staking Article.

When Will The First IDO Launch?

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