CardStarter Team: A Brief Overview

CardStarter Lineup

Aatash Amir

Aatash discovered early on that he was an efficient developer; He created his first Proof of Work (PoW) coin in 2013. Most of his years were spent under different pseudonyms while heading advisory positions on multiple leading blockchain solutions. Additionally, he has supported Communication and Marketing for projects helping them grow to above $350 million in market capitalization. Aatash is also recognized as a modern voice in crypto advertisement and can be heard speaking on many notable project campaigns and topics. He will support CardStarter in playing a major role through revolution and public adoption of Decentralized assets.

Brandon Kazakoff

Brandon’s skillset was honed in market intelligence and consultancy. He has extensive experience in enterprise software, enterprise data management, AI, and blockchain sectors. As CardStarter’s Chief Operating Officer, Brandon heads the CARDS Accelerator program (CAP). He facilitates partnerships between various blockchain projects, marketing partners, and VCs within the CardStarter, Cardano, and Ethereum ecosystems.

Ashwin Somasundaram

Ashwin has a nontraditional background as an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncologist by practice, and physician-scientist focused on systems biology and tumor immunology. After graduating from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completing his training and fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, he joined their faculty in the division of Hematology/Oncology. His research is focused on multi-omic evaluation of the tumor microenvironment. He has multiple publications and grant funding, but he also has a longstanding interest in blockchain adoption for fundraising and healthcare integration. He has been extensively involved with systems based model development and the promotion of other projects in the space.

Anthony Grosso

Anthony is a talented multi-asset trader who has been involved in the cryptocurrency space for over half a decade.
His role at CardStarter involves content coordination and researching various channels for market opportunities to support the CS ecosystem. In addition to his research role, Anthony manages our community content/promotion groups.


Neyma Jahan

With a lucrative background in direct response marketing, Neyma moved into the IoT space in 2013. In 2017 he stepped down as CEO and made the full transition to the blockchain space, launching the Unification Foundation. With a deep understanding of consumer data and behavior, Neyma is the architect of the movement to establish Unification as the de facto data and identity platform on the internet. Neyma is also a professional speaker with ten years experience in his previous industry. His advisory role within CardStarter has been an invaluable addition to the already flourishing support system.

Topher Bradshaw

Topher Bradshaw is a psychiatric provider and advocate of mental health with an emphasis on psychological anthropology. He has spent time on the Legislative Committee in his state, advancing access to healthcare, coordinated lobbying efforts, and acting Director at Large for his state chapter. Topher helped develop a free health clinic in his state for the underserved and uninsured population using grassroots efforts for funding and advocacy. Additionally, Topher has found a specialty in monitoring the market to develop strategies while incorporating emotional and behavioral application in the space of technology using media content and design. During his time with CardStarter, Topher has successfully implemented multiple strategies into the existing model.