CardStarter Launches Everlens

Everlens x CardStarter IDO launch

Everlens IDO to be held on CardStarter

CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad, and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch the IDO for Everlens, the first NFT platform for Instagram.

Registration opens November 15th @ 8AM PST/3PM UTC until November 18th @ 8AM PST/3PM UTC & the IDO event takes place November 22nd @ 8AM PST/3PM UTC!

Instagram today is a centralized platform where users post their content and profits are taken by the parent company, Facebook. Everlens looks to challenge that status quo by empowering every Instagram user to instead monetize their own content and turn their posts into NFTs. Each influencer can also increase their community engagement as followers can now own unique content of their favorite posts. Followers will be able to support their influencers by sponsoring their posts and curating NFT collections of popular artists.

Everlens simplifies the process of turning an Instagram post into an NFT and makes it accessible to all. The platform will operate on Cardano, BSC, and Solana chain in order to reduce transaction fees and make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Everlens holders will be empowered through access to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance framework to vote on proposals of interest to the community. These topics include: new social network integrations (in addition to Instagram), sale transaction fee modifications, distribution of net revenues, reward allocation towards yield farming and liquidity mining.

“CardStarter has always been on the cutting edge of technology, connecting our community with the latest innovation in blockchain technology. Everlens embodies a fundamental blockchain solution that redistributes the gains that were previously hoarded by mega corporations, back to the original content creators. CardStarter is proud to present this exciting project that solves a major problem in the social media economy.” ~ Aatash Amir, CEO CardStarter

About CardStarter

CardStarter is the first incubator, launchpad and insurance program for projects being built on the Cardano network. The CARDS platform is a unique and dynamic launchpad, connecting projects to early supporters and a network of key partners. The Cards Accelerator Program (CAP) team works with each project individually to establish the right connections and map marketing strategies, establishing the foundation for long-term success.

CardStarter is also differentiated by its charge to protect its supporters. CARDS provides unbiased third-party audits of every project’s code and protects IDO participants with an in-house insurance program. CardStarter is proudly partnered with X21 Digital, BlockSync Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, Genesis Shards, Plethori, Fractal, PARSIQ, Scryptic Tech and Longtail Financial. Once fully built, CardStarter will be an all-inclusive platform with a decentralized exchange to complement the current offerings. CardStarter also aims to be a nurturing force in the Cardano ecosystem, with hackathons and project development support being a major focus of the roadmap.

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About Everlens

Everlens is a perfect solution for content creators who want to engage their community to a whole new level, monetize content and focus on the quality of their content instead of ads, and control the way they distribute their work. Everlens is also a tool for buyers to support their favorite content creators and own one of their works, sponsor the work of an artist, and donate to charities or good affiliate causes.

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