CardStarter: Important Asva Finance IDO Notice

Dear CardStarter community,

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of quality with the projects that we launch through CardStarter. Our due diligence process takes into account a multitude of variables such as their team, experience, development progress, utility, raise structure, and tokenomics. Our review process doesn’t stop just because we agree to launch a project. We maintain reviews all the way leading up to, and following the IDOs that list through our platform, to ensure variables don’t fall outside of our formula and originally agreed-upon terms.

Asva Finance has made last-minute changes to their raise structure and execution that they feel may be beneficial to their project, but fall outside of our original agreement. These changes add variables that we cannot control for, and fall outside of the formula that we work diligently to maintain.

Due to the alterations in the final days before registration, we won’t be moving forward with the Asva Finance IDO now or in the future.

We wish them the best with their project moving forward.

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