CardStarter Announces CardSwap DEX

2 min readApr 24, 2021
CardStarter Reveals Platform Extension: CardSwap Decentralized Exchange

We are proud to announce that CardStarter, the world’s first Incubator, Launchpad and Insurance program for Cardano projects, will be releasing CardSwap, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), built on the Cardano network. Much like the celebrated Decentralized Finance (DeFi) AMM UniSwap protocol running on Ethereum, and PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain, CardSwap aims to provide AMM by being a top liquidity provider for Cardano projects.

CardSwap will be the go-to DEX for trading on the Cardano network. To create the largest liquidity pools, CardSwap offers a wide range of DeFi farming opportunities for liquidity providers. All cardstarter launched projects will have their liquidity migrated to CardSwap on Cardano mainnet, giving it a headstart with deep liquidity. Other Cardano projects will also be incentivized to provide liquidity. CardSwap uses a virtual AMM to enable leverage trading on select high volume tokens for seasoned traders. Staking is a staple for DeFi platforms. CardSwap will feature a unique staking service where users can choose the token for reward payouts.

CardSwap’s 3 Core Features

1. AMM with deep liquidity pools for token swapping

2. Leverage Trading with no liquidity virtual AMM

3. Staking platform where users will have a choice of tokens to receive rewards in.

CardSwap aims to be the #1 trading platform for the Cardano network, by being the most flexible and efficient automated market maker, with sophisticated trading tools and a user-incentivized staking service.

About CardStarter

CardStarter is the first Incubator, Launchpad and Insurance program for projects being built on the Cardano network. The CARDS platform is a unique and dynamic launchpad, connecting projects to early investors and a network of key partners. The Cards Accelerator Program (CAP) team works with each project individually to establish the right connections and map marketing strategies, establishing the foundation for long term success.

CardStarter is also differentiated by its charge to protect its supporters. CARDS provides unbiased third-party audits of every project’s code and protects IDO participants’ investments with an in-house insurance program. CardStarter is proudly partnered with X21 Digital, BlockSync Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, Genesis Shards, Plethori, Fractal, PARSIQ, Scryptic Tech and Longtail Financial. Once fully built, CardStarter will be an all-inclusive platform with a decentralized exchange to complement the current offerings. CardStarter also aims to be a nurturing force in the Cardano ecosystem, with hackathons and project development support being a major focus of the roadmap.

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