CARDS Rewards for the CSWAP Community — Action Required

Update for CSWAP Rewards

When is the Snapshot?

CardStarter will take a snapshot of all wallets holding ERC-20 CSWAP tokens to lock in the % of the CSWAP rewards pool that any particular wallet is entitled to, whether CARDS tokens, or any future rewards tokens for the CSWAP community.

After this snapshot, CSWAP will have no future utility, and will have no future use case, rendering transferring or trading of the ERC-20 CSWAP token useless beyond this point.

Action Required!

We have deployed a smart contract to allow CSWAP holders to connect their ETH wallet which contains their CSWAP, and input the destination Cardano address where they wish to receive their ADA based $CARDS rewards, and any future ADA based rewards tokens.



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