CARDS LP Migration Update

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Dear CardStarter Community,

As we prepare to migrate the CARDS-ETH LP that has been committed to the migration contract, the CardStarter team would like to share the distribution list for the CARDS pair.

Click Here For the Distribution List, which outlines the following information for all those who’ve contributed CARDS-ETH:

  1. ETH Wallet Address which deposited the CARDS-ETH LP
  2. Final Destination Cardano Wallet Address (Taking into account updates from community members)
  3. Total Number of CARDS-ETH LP Tokens deposited per wallet

What’s Next for CARDS LP?

The CARDS-ETH locked in the migration contract will be unpaired, with the ETH being converted to ADA. Once the ETH has been converted to ADA, the Cardano Native CARDS token contract will be minted, and the equivalent Cardano Native CARDS tokens will be paired with Cardano, creating ADA-based LP tokens for distribution.

CardStarter will be collaborating with MLabs for the minting of the Cardano Native CARDS token contract and for the distribution of the ADA-based LP.

The exact date of distribution for your ADA-based LP will be announced in the coming days, once the conversion and minting have taken place. We expect the distribution date to occur sometime within the next week.

Following the distribution of the CARDS-ADA LP tokens, SundaeSwap will enable the CARDS-ADA pair to yield farm Sundae tokens on the SundaeSwap DEX.

GERO-ETH and C3-ETH Locked Liquidity

Locked Gero and Charli3 liquidity will be migrated simultaneously with the launch of the bridge being developed in collaboration with MLabs. This will allow their entire community to migrate tokens concurrently with the migration of locked LP.

When the bridge is launched publicly, the community will be able to move their $GERO tokens from Ethereum to Cardano. The locked LP will be moved at the same time the bridge is public. This is expected to occur in March. A final date will be shared closer to the launch of the bridge.

For additional information or questions regarding Gero and Charli3 reach out to the GeroWallet Telegram or Charli3 Telegram