CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Incentives

The CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Contract Is Live

LP providers that commit to migrating either their CARDS, C3, or GERO LP pairs from the ETH to ADA will have the opportunity to take part in an additional 100mil CSWAP worth of benefits.

This rewards pool will be calculated following migration. Each individual’s reward share will be calculated by the average value of their LP, and the length of time they have their LP locked between the migration contract going live, and when migration occurs.

The benefits accrued from locking and migrating LP will be 100% unlocked and available following migration. Migration will occur when SundaeSwap is live and stable beyond testnet, and once the CardStarter ecosystem is able to migrate to our new platform built on Cardano.

How To Participate

The contract is live and can be found on . Reward accumulation will begin Wednesday, Nov. 24th. at 15:10 UTC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ADA address you add will be locked in so please ensure you use the final wallet you want to receive your LP with. Keep this wallet secure and don’t lose your seed phrase.

If your LP tokens are still staked in the mining contract on you will first need to withdraw them from there.

Users must deposit either CARDS-ETH/C3-ETH/GERO-ETH LP tokens which will be locked until migration. Following migration to the Sundae, and CARDS ADA platform going live, users will either be airdropped or be able to claim their new CARDS-ADA/C3-ADA/GERO-ADA LP tokens and won’t be required to take any additional steps to receive the new LP.

Need Help Creating LP?

If you want to participate, but haven’t created an LP pair before, please read our guide on creating a CARDS,C3, or GERO LP pair HERE.

If you have any questions, please reach out in the CardStarter Official Telegram.

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