C3 and GERO Migration LP Now Claimable!

2 min readMay 1, 2022

We’re glad to share that C3/ADA and GERO/ADA LP tokens are now claimable through DripDropz.io. Below we’ve outlined the important details you’ll need to keep in mind as you proceed to claim your LP tokens.

NOTE: Users who provide the C3/ADA LP and GERO/ADA LP via SundaeSwap are eligible for Sundae rewards, more can be found out about this process here: https://help.sundaeswap.finance/en/collections/3299695-yield-farming

What does DripDropz do?

DripDropz is a reputable and tested token platform for tokens on the Cardano network. Users who qualify for a variety of token rewards are able to visit the website, search their respective wallet’s receive or stake address, and see which token rewards they are eligible for.

How do I collect LPs?

Claiming your C3/ADA and GERO/ADA LP tokens from the Migration Contract via DripDropz is as simple as five steps:

  1. Visit DripDropz.io and click on the Drip it tab. (Should be the default)
  2. Paste your designated receiving ADA address in the search bar and click on Check My Dropz.
  3. Please choose the C3 and GERO tokens by selecting the checkboxes. You can claim both at once
  4. Click Claim My Dropz. The app will show the ADA cost to complete the withdrawal along with minUTXO returned to you with the tokens. Below is the cost breakdown.

To claim LP tokens, you will be asked to cover a fee of approximately 3 ADA. We recommend having 4 ADA in your receiving ADA wallet to ensure you have enough to complete the tx:

  • Approximately 1.3 ₳DA to cover the minUTXO
  • Aproximately 1.7 ₳DA will be used to pay the Cardano transaction fee + Phyrhose processing fee + DripDropz service fee
  • Only 1 fee of 3 ADA is needed even if claiming both GERO AND C3 LP