Announcing The Winners of The Third SHUFFLE! Staking Lottery!

Congratulations To Our Third Week’s Winners!

The winners were selected through random number generation via ChainLink’s VRF (Verified Random Function)

All on-chain randomized results and records for this week’s lottery can be found in the documents below:

Randomization raffle contract
Excel document of all participants and winning wallets

The Grand Prize Winner of 400 CARDS Tokens!

The Mega Prize Winner of 2,500 Charli3 Tokens!

The Mini Prize Winner of 10K GERO Tokens!

The 20 Micro Prize Winners of 10CARDS Tokens each!

0x9f552eD132bB199493af3e70EeFd1750CFE6b26F 0xaAc3ffcFeDc369F597f2F318a5562b253545950F 0xbf868aA8e9253A7C152eB502b82a544A9F8d74cB 0x5077193EFfF66f2ca1D583FEbDa2222935443B97 0x41fD39B1D3857eA2520448d167c2D0DD28d28a75 0xC257dc6817Cb4885A9AA20AA550394c11a8c0bc4 0xb1274bA1E30F138986f281c19FBb0874ca278192 0xb2C5AE080a236fE89A87fDbd1F9D58aD4b57c6B2 0x16C1d9C46A7f6fA23208c9f016b0743CcF65F898 0xFF5b67925131d6814d2554D0B900c4EBe1964f69 0x342d813ef91a1fB2bD2979C4C00B7d0B1d6e6644 0x018e4AA4f6e439C961295cA25528BB185D1e74e4 0xe4060ec8AE6CfD40aE35029948ea1c954C904Cc5 0x32eF562668489E44A0AdAD72e333553D238025fa 0xA0238C6F002174DD8d0c3f86240D75e4ea59D570 0x136DB9BC21E5df3468a4Cb323b46EE8D14d8Baa2 0x304658561E6fdB3122eC2f22798B63652d754fF2 0x12E0f83edd8C2F13e534700fB0D48d06c1afbF30 0x22eA4775b1F0aB9921b0d3906Ae648e1aAd29673 0xeBfDDf98Ebda3b3BE3f86732CA3E0FC4063FA1E4

Thanks For Your Participation, and Good Luck in Next Week’s Lottery!

Best of luck in the next round!



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