Announcing The Winners of The First SHUFFLE! Staking Lottery!

Congratulations To Our First Week’s Winners!

The winners were selected through random number generation via ChainLink’s VRF (Verified Random Function)

All on-chain randomized results and records for this week’s lottery can be found in the documents below:

Randomization raffle contract
Excel document of all participants and winning wallets

The Grand Prize Winner of 400 CARDS Tokens!

The Mega Prize Winner of 2,500 Charli3 Tokens!

The Mini Prize Winner of 10kGERO Tokens!

The 20 Micro Prize Winners of 5 CARDS Tokens each!
0xA677cbc24541a420fb657BdAF532EBa2562DBF0D 0x117Ee9D4c145653b3DC1aBe2eD0CE59C3acEcbff 0xc395E67249Ab6ECDcF3b06dfF8365c8eefC517DB 0x7B9b4d8e1e3a152de6cabA50400a5278F91213B9 0xF6b903CDa53bF5994D36b80753cA0ff85Fb9AA1c 0x16C1d9C46A7f6fA23208c9f016b0743CcF65F898 0x725B2d965953faeD46318333d8283191b415924F 0x5a804E1ccdB28F767c6E89E9128420F743e18746 0xebd283301870554FB8159801cBBdB103eb7ad94b 0x914308800224Efa32cc538Bf5D3bA05Cfa6a1C1A 0x41fD39B1D3857eA2520448d167c2D0DD28d28a75 0xc99326e560F15a3F2156629615fF9897C36efA7f 0x2Aa94c6d5DF63676F3186B2BF5aC0ED4DAF1D85f 0xc053D7A4dF7E6392a7F91D12f238a998663E3Fda 0xB040E8d2fD9178827d9cd1A1D3849e24fCfe0d97 0xc80404Af16C93Ba567c8B697EAD914922DE75a0a 0x8Dd57f9689AF3a9F5183c413F0A9FBad4a549eD8 0xb0231B9F638bdF7751E5316a02D836d8FFb08c68 0x1B31D7410cDE37c20D767878C2C490d0e5f3860C 0x59459c6cD4611C667F8719Ebe6F25f8A9B19e71A

Thanks For Your Participation, and Good Luck in Next Week’s Lottery!

All SHUFFLE! currently staked in the lottery pool is now locked until Wednesday, July 28th, and counts as entries towards next week’s lottery

Best of luck in the next round!




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