Congratulations To Our First Week’s Winners!

The winners were selected through random number generation via ChainLink’s VRF (Verified Random Function)

All on-chain randomized results and records for this week’s lottery can be found in the documents below:

Randomization raffle contract
Excel document of all participants and winning wallets

The Grand Prize Winner of 400 CARDS Tokens!

The Mega Prize Winner of 2,500 Charli3 Tokens!

The Mini Prize Winner of 10kGERO Tokens!

The 20 Micro Prize Winners of 5 CARDS Tokens each!

SHFL Liquidity Mining @ 500% APR

When does SHUFFLE! Liquidity Mining go Live?

Liquidity Mining will go live Saturday July 24th @ 8AM PT/3PM UTCat a fixed 500% APR and will be rewarded in CARDS tokens.

This bonus 500% APR window will last until Saturday July 31st 8AM PT/3PM UTC

At that time, the APR will change to100%, rewarded in CARDS tokens.

What is Liquidity Mining?

Liquidity Mining is a program to earn CARDS rewards in return for staking the liquidity you provide to the SHUFFLE! liquidity pool (SHFL+ETH= LP). …

CardStarter X Spores IDO

The registration window will be open for 120 hours, from Wednesday July 21st @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC to July 26th @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC

Step 1 — Staking

To register for Spores, you must have a tier qualifying number of CARDS staked.

  • Please read our most recent tiers article to learn about tier requirements
  • Please read our staking guide to learn how to stake your CARDS if you have yet to complete this process.

Step 2 — KYC

Spores requires KYC. If you haven’t provided KYC through our partner Fractal yet, please do so now.

In addition, if you provided KYC to Fractal but it didn’t request your…

CardStarter Revised CARDS Requirements for Increased Inclusivity and Incentive for participating in IDOs

Our strategy here at CardStarter has always been to establish our tier requirements as defined by 3 goals:

  1. accessibility,
  2. incentives for holding CARDS,
  3. and the long term health of CardStarter.

As always, we analyzed the distribution of CARDS holder wallets, and took several variables into consideration. This includes vesting schedules, project raise goals, CARDS circulating supply, community and allocation ratio, and CardStarter’s roadmap.

What’s New?

We have added two new Face Cards tiers to incentivize long term CARDS holders:

Jack of Clubs Tier: The Jack of Clubs (JoC) Tier…

CardStater CSWAP Liquidity update

We appreciate the value and trust you’ve placed in the CardStarter ecosystem. CSWAP miners have been integral to the success of CardStarter and our incubated projects. As the landscape evolves we want to ensure that our loyal CSWAP community maintains the most value for their contribution and effort, and avoid dilution of the CSWAP pool.

We’d like to provide a 3 day notice to the next phase of pre-mainnet CSWAP LP mining rewards. The existing reward structure will conclude on Monday July 19th @ 3pm UTC, and will proceed to the following:

Given that CSWAP will not launch on ADA…

MLabs Joins CardStarter as Partner to Accelerate Project Development

CardStarter, the world’s first incubator, launchpad and insurance program for Cardano projects, will partner with MLabs, a premier Haskell, Rust and blockchain consultancy for Cardano and Polkadot.

MLabs established its name in code development, particularly in the fintech, AI and blockchain industries. Their portfolio of customers include Liqwid, Juspay, Tillit, Composable, Ardana Supercede and WestfalenWind. Of the 24 person team at MLabs, 22 are experts specializing in Rust and Haskell coding languages. With this skill set, MLabs is uniquely suited for building projects on Cardano, and it has served notable clients…

Opportunity for Challenge!

CardStarter Labs is thrilled to announce Hack Cardano! — a hackathon event which gives our community members a chance to gain exclusive access to the Cardstarter Accelerator Program and showcase their projects! This hackathon will be hosted by CardStarter and brings focus to the blossoming ecosystem of new projects building on Cardano. The hackathon consists of three phases beginning on July 19th, 2021 and concluding on August 10th, 2021.

Hackathon project submissions will be judged by a panel of experts, and winners will be chosen for technological excellence and creativity. We believe a hackathon is an excellent…

It’s important for the SHFL token to provide incentive and utility while the game is currently under development!

CardStarter is excited to announce the SHUFFLE! Staking Lottery!

To participate in the weekly lottery, SHFL holders will merely need to stake their SHFL tokens on

The staking process requires two transactions:

  1. Approve — Complete tx on MetaMask
  2. Stake — Enter the number of SHFL you wish to stake, press stake, then approve the tx on MetaMask

Congratulations to everyone who properly registered and provided KYC to participate in SHUFFLE!

Wild Cards Tier Lottery Statistics:

# of Wild Cards participants who opted for 100% odds — 393
# of Wild Cards participants who risked lower odds for higher allocation — 80

Of the 80 Wild Cards participants who risked lower odds for higher allocation, the odds selected by individuals ranged all the way from 10% to 95%. Of those 80 individuals, 37 were selected for participation, while 43 were not selected. This selection process was determined using ChainLink’s Verified Random Function, against the odds selected by the individual.


If you see your…

Thank you for Registering


All addresses below have registered properly for SHUFFLE!, but their KYC is not yet verified by Fractal, or it is missing your proper wallet address.

We are extending a grace period until, Tuesday July 6th 3AM UTC to finalize your KYC, but can no longer guarantee that your address will be whitelisted for SHUFFLE!.

Please reach out to Fractal support on their official telegram.


0x7118cFbBe4c76E04F98D8e99a9C10C210cC98EE8 0x104942E232a9f80Ec66eA180Cdf3a1B668b237b7 0xe74Ce2183DA4d6C95A582F42766eeC7bC298675A 0xf29ae2891489DbA05DbCfc75923D795dF2319C79 0x6f29CD3C9e1BE36F3773D92975Ec7cE9372A28bc 0x68c5561968fc11FF8c87Dc6f6D451fdeD51c5908 0x2fF6fEeE8c3666Fb81f2d39d532a5CeD8496afDF 0x2Ce3b5A7BBaeee9fEecD3E26Bf5eEc9f56221635 0xD863f2a987F8974Bb354E52aD51B41D945D7127F 0xceb78258a4552A811fACf86096CE82477077b801 0x1d039F4762F2B2fE3980E8E03F61E53Ec8d0c81a 0x5D45364222d28DB9F4211875890A372F8e7c87fF 0x32B4c04c5487c2284F31Ca4bbC6201757fFC3BB1 0x34eC2F092DCb48B2798591CC7a1E9fb8B9d05D7e 0xC4B41d3a9007B35fa1128382c0CDad0dcff4a8c1 0x2F5820e55d904CFc6C43371a4352958A0F573Be9 0xc332Ce6F7DDa7E64c7bC099F784e77404907E898 0xE4c906A83cdaAf264FA7c0999832b5426FC47272 0x83b3372Ea0D4204AFF23DDB2931ed25DC4c4275B 0xD4A14393416a321b74168e259A9592982C88Ae72 0xaF6e5104e1c692e3bf120B9382BbF0dfC5742c43 0x846353fD22964F00F0236E39fFc2963D209E1Eb1 0xE1Ad322F16c2Ef7ee140391bE5FC6310304c9FAb 0x4A74a654F19Cf2ea32977512e90ce68956CEFCE6 0xbeF7a300250B03faA6a5Ae47969e216Eda5e4a2D 0x7F704AD69D825Af6202e9F29754C1D301f822854 0x719Cb3842d1ce617841d5ac2C3627F5a29226fbe 0x309baAB65c16A96707ab9C952B9F66DB963BA618 0x79a741e4A87Acc2DAf8549F8D54b855C0f276e45 0x9e92dBBaB0625A0B7A61222b9EbB04f35702b72d 0x815bb20b23f92E4CEBF46D381747Ba311eC6e5C4 0x7002924CBA074b8A49A8E6E4716EC8b73E72e351 0x9E669F3Dd97a66dcF5e203386e89E7932071D50e 0x733f95CA0185bA65c1Ab4eda0D576360a3888c44 0x27c022906087439B3669455d80b197c82Cf08E74…

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