“Spores Network believes that the composition and complement of NFT & DeFi will bring significant progress to the crypto space, making it more applicable in the real world”

CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad and insurance program for Cardano projects, is proud to announce the next IDO Partner: Spores, the full-stack NFT platform.

The Spores team believes they have identified the five major pain points of the current NFT ecosystem:

1) Illiquidity and fragmentation;

2) Scalability and high transaction fees;

3) Friction (that is, lack of accessibility to fiat);

4) A gap between the decentralized realm and centralized projects;


Immunity.life x CardStater CAP IDO

Immunify.life will be Launched as CardStarter Accelerator Project

CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch the Immunify.life IDO as an accelerator project. Immunify.life is a unique AI-supported and incentivized, health registry blockchain that is transparent and secure, as well as compatible and interoperable with existing patient medical data systems.

Immunify.life serves the entire health spectrum from the individual patient to rural clinics, governments, international health organizations and global investors in healthand has already established pilots in Kenya and Cameroon. …

A Brief Introduction to the CardSwap User Interface

You’ve waited for this, you’ve anticipated this — the Alonzo hard fork is on the horizon. All while CardSwap continues to blossom, by already becoming the largest Cardano DEX by Total Value Locked (TVL), currently managing 50% of CardStarter project LP tokens. The CardSwap team has been developing a DEX for Cardano, it’s going to be sleek, it’s going to be intuitive, and it’s well ahead of the curve.

The team has worked diligently, and is excited to provide a glimpse into what we have tailored for you — our LP community…

CardStarter Public Service Announcement

Dear Community,

We have paused the release of vested CARDS tokens.

We believe ADA mainnet will provide ample liquidity and optimal market conditions to resume the vesting release at that time. Should any initial holders decide to claim and burn half their tokens now, current CARDS stakers will receive a percentage of those tokens proportionate to their number of CARDS staked.

To qualify for additional CARDS tokens, stakers are required to have their tokens staked for the next 7 days. Randomly timed snapshots will occur each day over the 7 day period beginning Friday, June 11th @ 11am UTC.


Ridotto x CardStarter

Ridotto, a cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol, will be launched on CardStarter

CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch Ridotto as its next IDO. Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol that aims to revolutionize the gambling experience.

The market capitalization of the global Gambling and Lottery industry is estimated at $443.2 Billion in 2020 and is projected to grow around 12.8% thru 2023. Despite its positive growth, the age-old saying, ‘The House Always Wins’ has become synonymous with gambling, pointing to a lack of transparency in the industry. The industry…

CardStarter x Alpha Impact

Congratulations to all of our community members that registered for Alpha Impact’s IDO, and our Wild Card Lottery winners. The twenty four hour IDO EVENT takes place Thursday, June 3rd @ 8AM PST/3PM UTC

Tier Allocations For Alpha Impact’s IDO

  • Wild Card Singles — 781.25 IMPACT Tokens
  • Wild Card Deuces — 1562.50 IMPACT Tokens
  • Wild Card Trips —1562.50 IMPACT Tokens
  • Jacks —1562.50 IMPACT Tokens
  • Queens — 4687.50 IMPACT Tokens
  • Kings —9375.00 IMPACT Tokens
  • King of Clubs — 17187.50 IMPACT Tokens
  • Aces — 21875.00 IMPACT Tokens

Congratulations to all of our Wild Cards whitelist lottery winners!

If you see your address below, you successfully staked, registered, and provided KYC in the allotted time frame to participate in…

We thank you for the enthusiastic support for Alpha Impact’s upcoming IDO

Out of those 1104 registrations, 1047 have completed both registration and KYC successfully and have been verified by fractal.

57 registrants however have not yet had their KYC verified by fractal.

These are the following wallet addresses that need to complete their KYC process:

0xD863f2a987F8974Bb354E52aD51B41D945D7127F 0x2Ce3b5A7BBaeee9fEecD3E26Bf5eEc9f56221635 0xe74Ce2183DA4d6C95A582F42766eeC7bC298675A 0xf29ae2891489DbA05DbCfc75923D795dF2319C79 0x27fAa6497818EC151fb1828D68b60fB6966e4063 0xcE085e60787f39b77b76Ed391F7b32aB515ab741 0x07A36C3112E5e0814CC82df533c48E2995f29E8c 0xc91622dd32222E8345B99e567ab879DaE138067E 0x78659DCc35bd4324B1CE13B5053c8e8fBF522b0b 0x104942E232a9f80Ec66eA180Cdf3a1B668b237b7 0xca62255eC3760A132467b54ef85F82E9D90078f2 0x88c7A755e70780f43f878D6345D7fEE635Ef7D37 0xE8E61Db7918bD88E5ff764Ad5393e87D7AaEf9aD 0x45D617D1e83859Bda86EEcf568118FB4fCA72135 0xAcD8DB59EF0956e77A139F4CBa9953D405D058C5 0xf5d96A769e5Ff5E05D5D883db62a14EF7850e78C 0x0CF0a1b836Ea6e382C20e72B2e1b8055d2F13C80 0xE1Ad322F16c2Ef7ee140391bE5FC6310304c9FAb 0x3dF3F7efDa7c826Db6F2143B8BBE42fB8A112e2C 0x4Fb7524fd4a3Bd08b83A872292E311CAA45f0Bc6 0xc7323F2E8D80D7FbFa4ff4a2d99F5337258E49e3 0x79a741e4A87Acc2DAf8549F8D54b855C0f276e45 0xCD1960867A3309043C7F8c53cea8647050d18BCF 0x21FCA1d4565aAc0AcC49a5D87A7977607a0D2E11 0x5F439a0E0A04A5b8F8979F6bf0BA505b43A8f8Fc 0xf6E35A12c34222C53B0e6df3E91eFadaD8492647 0x153afad4ffDB66f879F23498a79bF19e39332C7C 0xC544731e87DD0b17C4B78302f552855A0EB23Bdf 0x953BD04466aA366C0F20637bDDCF64BD294cBc07 0x65e8385c5CBF4bCC266d11E8f478BD81F3c7F44d 0x472C13464BBD272391e874130eE8aaeC6B269980 0x6dfD0C4FC4b8D10Ef80C8c52cC96534Cebd3d65a 0x43F5117623899087eDE16e1Cb7dC2149084d1e7f 0xdaC0aB7C8E274Df751cF91c2057F81e8587BBfDd 0xAcBB94170951051d9DDceB0CaaA2E95c76570E5A 0x07998F45F1b73f539392887b2A11cC0A95BD0376 0xA3435dB20a2167D7d7a5a6d42D576f4DDda9EFac 0x504b29f61D28BAE2e025C36E9142003A93c2B06E 0x9f87F0b6E57270b6Ff199c114ff7Eae265592Cb0 0xC5B88a3588f1f7569B19c0976A42A5E4baec7740 0x9CCDD09939C7beDef76835DAfbfc1d79218c3017 0xfB13657b115F98FC72A2f1442D8BC8338b894f5A 0x4f7Cca651a6452941f617C5A461C5A55700330D7 0x6f4F55126A366F9b45Bc2C95940b206D3544271f…

CardStarter x Alpha Impact AMA

Participants: H H (Hayden Hughes), Ashwin Somasundaram [CardStarter Senior Ops Advisor].

Ashwin: We will have rewards for the best questions so get ready!

Hayden: Hey guys! Hayden here :)

Ashwin: Hey Hayden! Thank you so much for being here! How is everything going today?

Hayden: No problem! Really happy to be here. Crypto seems to be stable, no tweets from Elon!

Ashwin: 😂😂

Hayden: Great to be here!

Video Excerpt: “Hey guys what’s up. My name is Hayden, it’s good to see everyone here!
I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Alpha Impact. Really excited to be here this evening…

Registration for Alpha Impact IDO

The registration window will be open for 48 hours, from Sunday, May 30th 3:00pm UTC to Tuesday, June 1st 3:00pm UTC.

The total raise for Alpha Impact’s IDO is 180K, 75 ETH pegged at 2400$ per ETH for a at a price of 10 cents per token. The conversion ratio and the total ETH value shown on the pools page is tentative, and the actual conversion ratio will be decided just before IDO opens based on the ETH price.

Step 1 — Staking

To register for Alpha Impact, you must have a tier-qualifying number of CARDS staked.

CardStarter Revised CARDS Requirements for Increased Inclusivity and Incentive for participating in IDOs

Our strategy here at CardStarter has always been to establish our tier requirements as defined by 3 goals:

  1. accessibility,
  2. incentives for holding CARDS,
  3. and the long term health of CardStarter.

As always, we analyzed the distribution of CARDS holder wallets, and took several variables into consideration. Including vesting schedules, project raise goals, allocation sizes, and CardStarter’s roadmap.

The Revised Tiers

To increase accessibility to IDOs, we replaced the Wild Card tiers with a new Wild Card Bracket! The Wildcard Bracket contains a dual slider mechanism where CARDS…


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